Save Kansas: Coalition works for return of responsible governing

Save Kansas, an alliance of Republicans, Independents and Democrats, wants to abolish extremism controlling state government.

Consider Save Kansas’ list of sensible, traditional values, and how they’ve been trampled since ultraconservative Gov. Sam Brownback took office:


• Balanced tax policy. Kansas must pursue as much after the governor’s radical tax reform gutted income-tax revenue and created huge budget shortfalls.

• Quality educational opportunity. Ultraconservatives don’t like public education, and their interest in shifting taxpayer support to private and home schools with less stringent demands than K-12 public school districts is proof.

• Reasonable health-care access. Blocking Medicaid (KanCare) expansion has left some 150,000 Kansans, mostly working poor, without coverage. Plus, Kansas has passed on $1.15 billion — so far — in federal dollars that would help rural hospitals in particular.

• Adequate public safety. Problems range from reckless gun measures to shortchanged law enforcement efforts.

• Job growth and financial responsibility. Erasing income taxes for more than 330,000 farms and other business entities didn’t generate the significant job growth Brownback promised. And so much for fiscal conservatism with excessive borrowing, a significant sales tax increase and credit downgrades.

• Judicial impartiality. The run on an independent judiciary by a governor out to control all three branches of state government and eliminate resistance to his ultraconservative pursuits must be stopped.


The Save Kansas push to restore common-sense governing involves moderate grassroots organizations, as well as former governors in Republican Mike Hayden and Democrat John Carlin.

They all want pragmatism to trump politics, and know coming elections present an opportunity for needed change.

Key GOP primary races include two for the Kansas Senate: Rep. John Doll against Brownback ally Sen. Larry Powell, both of Garden City, in the 39th District; and Mary Jo Taylor, superintendent of Stafford USD 349, who challenged Brownback crony Sen. Mitch Holmes of St. John in the 33rd District.

Expect intense battles statewide, with Brownback-supported forces out to malign opponents with deliberately misleading and false claims, as in recent elections. The more moderate side, fortunately, can counter with the reality of the failed Brownback agenda.

Kansans should pay close attention to the debate and become part of an inspired, informed electorate — one empowered to save Kansas from the radical right.

— The Garden City Telegram