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Brownback & Jindal - Brothers from Another Mother


"Since Brownback’s inauguration, 1,414 Kansans with disabilities have been thrown off  Medicaid. In 2015, six school districts in the state were forced to end their years early for lack of funding. Cuts to health and human services are expected to cause 65 preventable deaths this year in Sedgwick County alone. In February, tax receipts came in $53 million below estimates; Brownback immediately cut $17 million from the state’s university system. This data is not lost on the people of Kansas — as of November, Brownback’s approval rating was 26 percent, the lowest of any governor in the United States".

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Respect Local Control

By Brian Hind (R-Madison)
     Greenwood County Commission     
..."I have served in local elected office in some capacity since 1993, on our local school board, township board, and county commission. In that time I have been involved in making 28 budgets. At no time have I served with anyone who had a casual attitude toward raising taxes, I have never heard a fellow board member say, “let’s just raise taxes”. Listening to recent radio propaganda paid for by the Kansas Association of Realtors, one would think county commissioners and city council members all over the state rub their hands with sadistic glee as they raise property taxes on family farmers and elderly people, just for the delight of it"...

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