The Coalition

Save Kansas Coalition

Our Coalition

Collectively, the coalition represents thousands of Kansans frustrated by events in Topeka and motivated to impact positive change in the coming year through individual donations to support Save Kansas efforts and grassroots engagement. 

Organizationally, the group is led by representatives of various Kansas grassroots organizations working diligently and effectively to reestablish democracy in Topeka, finally ending the Brownback-led era of anti-government principles that have diminished our quality of life and imposed millions of dollars in debt on future generations of Kansans.


Executive and Steering Committee Members of the Save Kansas Coalition include the following Kansas community leaders:

Anna Anderson

Rep. Rochelle Chronister*

Chelsi Hayden

Rep. Charlie Roth*

Lynn Stephan

Sen. Dick Bond*

Judith Deedy

Gov. Mike Hayden*

Lt. Gov. Gary Sherrer*

Sen. Wint Winter, Jr.*

Gov. John Carlin*

Aaron Estabrook

Sen. Steve Morris*

Rep. Sheryl Spalding*

Rep. Jim Yonally*



Kansas is in crisis. Yet our Governor and House and Senate members supporting his agenda continue to deny the devastating effects their policies are wreaking on our great state. We need more research, communication and education to Save Kansas. Save Kansas Coalition, Inc. is an Internal Revenue Code § 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to this effort.

This is the year we must begin to Save Kansas. Our Coalition reflects a united effort among Republicans, Independents, and Democrats across Kansas. We don’t emphasize party labels, but rather focus on the work that must happen in Topeka to regain our fiscal health and stop the calculated destruction of our revenue stream and our educational, healthcare, and transportation systems. And that’s just the beginning of what needs to happen to get Kansas back on solid ground!

We have now and in the few years ahead a unique opportunity to restore power in the House and Senate to legislators willing to listen, dialogue, lead and restore common sense to Kansas. The research, communication and education efforts of the Save Kansas Coalition are part of what we need to do this.

Troubled by a Governor and House and Senate leadership who have supported the near-bankruptcy of our state, members of the Save Kansas Coalition can begin to reverse the damage Governor Brownback and his rubber stamp legislature have inflicted on our state by communicating with and educating Kansans so they can make informed decisions to help them identify candidates and others committed to the following key principles.

  • Balanced Tax Policy
  • Quality Educational Opportunity
  • Reasonable Healthcare Access
  • Safe Highways and Improved Public Safety
  • Job Growth and Financial Responsibility
  • Judicial impartiality

Our Mission

The Mission of the Save Kansas Coalition is . . . by research, education and communication with the public . . . to work with agencies, associations, citizens, business leaders, and legislators who embrace Save Kansas policies and challenge “Rubber Stamp” policymakers in “lock-step” with the Brownback agenda. We will educate Kansans about the effects of legislation that has wrecked Kansas’ fiscal stability and attacked quality education, health, roads, public safety and courts in Kansas. To this end, we’ve met with incumbents and candidates to gauge their positions on the issues. Our Coalition hopes to educate Kansans and candidates so elected officeholders are ready to address the following starting in 2016:

  • Reverse or substantially repeal the 2012 tax cut that took 330,000 people off the tax rolls, crippling the Kansas economy
  • Provide suitable financial support for public education including recognizing the value of  Kansas College and Career Ready standards and the Rose Capacities and respect for local control
  • Enhance and strengthen the viability of urban and rural hospitals, including the implementation of financially responsible Medicaid expansion
  • Honor the intent of the T-Works plan, protecting KDOT from future sweeps so the appropriate maintenance and repair of Kansas roads and bridges are never again jeopardized
  • Support the separation of powers, opposing the power grab by the Brownback administration to take control of the judicial branch of government
  • Increasing citizen dialogue on the tough issues and recognizing democracy works best when all voices are involved, and issues are not left to back-door dealings by special interest groups

What You Can Do to Help Save Kansas

We appreciate the foresight the executive board had to coordinate a group that channels the energy of Kansans who believe in our prosperity, but understands legislative change must happen in order to restore our state to her former glory.

To this end, Save Kansas partners are generously sharing their time and talents. We cannot take Kansas back to its days of fiscal stability and progressive policy without their (and your) assistance. To move Kansas forward and support the dynamic men and women committed to honoring Save Kansas values in Topeka in 2017, your support is critical.

Get involved in our efforts by:

      Check Payable to: Save Kansas Coalition, Inc.

     (Save Kansas Coalition, Inc. is an IRC § 501(c)(4) organization)  


There are no limits on the amount that may be contributed to Save Kansas Coalition, Inc. by an individual, corporation, union, or trade association.  The identity of donors is held in strict confidence.  Under IRS Rules, any person or entity that contributes $5,000 or more to a 501(c)(4) entity such as Save Kansas Coalition is reported to the Internal Revenue Service on Form 990, however, the IRS Rules prohibit the IRS from making these donor disclosures available to the public.  Thus the identity and amount of donations is confidential.  SKC will not release or publicize any donor information.


Contributions to Save Kansas Coalition, Inc. are not deductible as a charitable donation, however, some portion of your contribution may be deductible, in part, as a business expense. Please consult your tax adviser.  The Federal Tax ID of Save Kansas Coalition, Inc. is 81-0963175.